Relationship Counselling

Counselling can be a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment that enables couples to reconnect and rebuild their relationship. This is particularly the case when communication and trust have broken down, where there is conflict or where the partners are struggling with painful and uncomfortable feelings.

Discussing problems in a constructive way with a professional third party present can give you the tools to think about things differently. For example, you may not have considered how the past impacts on and informs the relationships that you make in the present. Thinking about and exploring this can lead to a better understanding of yourself, your partner and your relationship. It can also help you to resolve some of the problems you might currently be experiencing and to make informed decisions about the future.

Counselling can also help couples to understand more about the irretrievable breakdown of a relationship, sometimes enabling them to separate in a healthy and constructive way and to move forward with their lives.

Why have relationship counselling?

The reasons are as numerous and diverse as the people who seek help. These are just a few:

You are unable to talk about issues at home or to resolve things on your own because it always ends in an argument or it doesn’t seem to make a difference.
You don’t know how or where to start talking about it.
You, or your partner, had an affair or might have feelings for someone else.
You feel taken for granted and unappreciated.
You have undergone a major life change such as having a baby or there may be issues about infertility/IVF.
Your relationship has broken down, you have decided to divorce and you want to make sense of what happened and to move forward.
There are unresolved issues from the past such as childhood sexual abuse.
Sex and intimacy have become a problem.
One of you is suffering from an acute or chronic illness or disability.

If you are an individual who is considering relationship counselling or psychosexual therapy, the following may also apply:

Your partner might be refusing to come or you may want to discuss something that’s bothering you without your partner being present.
Relationships simply don’t work out.
Your relationship ended and you are struggling with feelings of loss.
You fear that you do not “choose” your partners well or your relationships are unhealthy.
The prospect of having a relationship is frightening.
You have issues about sex of a physical, emotional or cultural nature which inhibit you from forming intimate relationships.

Who is relationship counselling for?

Anyone. In most cases couples are seen together. However, Georgina also sees individuals, whether they are single or part of a couple.

Georgina has experience working with clients who are married, single, in long or short-term relationships, who are heterosexual, gay or lesbian.

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